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Demande de certificat d'autorisation article 22
Étude entomologique
Service écologique

Ecological study service

Biological and environmental studies

  • Studies of water environments (wetlands, high water mark (LHE), shore, coast)
  • Studies of terrestrial environments (vegetation, type of stand, type of soil)
  • Ecological studies with scientific protocol
  • Inventories of fauna and flora
  • Studies of species at risk

Entomological services

Identification and

entomology expertise

  • Identification of insects and other arthropods observed in natural environments, buildings and homes
  • Collection of insects in the field using several techniques
  • Preparation and scientific conservation of insects (drying, assembly, labeling)
  • Insect breeding for identification
  • Preparation of educational, popularization and awareness-raising tools (e.g. identification tools, guides, interpretation panels, leaflets)
  • Scientific review of manuscripts and books

Scientific service

Statistical analysis, scientific review and popularization

  • Statistical analysis of results (biodiversity and multivariate)
  • Writing scientific reports and articles
  • Scientific revision of manuscripts and books
  • Development of popularization and educational tools and documents
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